Play of Light is the audio output of I G Hulme.

From acoustic to experimental electric, songs & art performance soundtracks.

I G Hulme is the Author of the acclaimed Heavenfield Series, as well as a lifelong artist.

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1995-2004 – ‘Banoffi‘ – Acoustic Folk/World Music band.
1989-Present – Acoustic and electronic songs.

Soundtracks for performances

1998 – ‘Enigma‘ – Soundtrack for a puppet performance by Vivify
1999 – ‘The Rise & Fall of a Couch Potato‘ – Soundtrack for a puppet and acrobat performance by Vivify
2000 – ‘Checkmate‘ – Soundtrack and filming for a dark puppet performance by Vivify
2001 – ‘Doris Daydream‘ – Soundtrack for a performance by Vivify
2002 – ‘Influence of Spheres‘ – A collaboration for a performance between Banoffi and Vivify
2003 – ‘Cabinets & Curiosities‘ – Soundtrack for a puppet performance by Vivify